Hush My Mouth

I chose the white ones

I chose the white ones

I cannot describe quite how awful the air is today. I’ve never been in one but it’s pretty close to how I’d imagine a sandstorm. Since I found myself chewing my way to classes after lunch I have finally succumbed to buying a face mask from the campus supermarket. They didn’t have a huge offering and initially I thought I had stopped at the knickers section by mistake. The masks for girls were lace undies in pink, nude and black. The plain offerings could have been made from y-front offcuts. Frankly I don’t fancy covering my mouth with either but since needs must I went for the y fronts. I have no further comments.

6 thoughts on “Hush My Mouth

  1. That sounds dreadful. Glorious blue skies to sandstorm – What a difference a day makes. No jogging with the young men today. Frilly pink is the new look, no!?

    • Working on getting my hands on a pc asap. Have some great shots to dispel dodgy images!