Subscription Is Here!

Thanks to Mike who has enabled subscription options. You should be able to sign up from the homepage on or failing that from Mike’s tested it, I’ve tested it and it works. (I was slightly thrown by the fact that I signed up two subs from day 1 and neither ever received a thing but it really does work if you do it yourself).

While I’m here: the latest. I promised myself I wouldn’t write about the air or the weather yada yada but it’s so foul it’s completely restricting my ability or desire to do anything else. The sky is nicotine yellow and there is a strong wind today lifting choking dust into big eddies across the streets and pavements. I am wearing the y fronts but they don’t protect my eyes. Nor indeed did they do much to catch the noxious gasses as I went past a building site this morning. Somehow the Macdonalds moped delivery guys weren’t put off stopping to chow down on their wares just under the extraction outflow.

The only thing that cheered me up was the option to order “Pickied Mustard-green with Multifarious Marinated” for lunch. (I did not, so I can’t tell you what it was).

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