It’s Getting Hot In Here

April 1st was the first day of spring. I know this not because it got much warmer – although, miraculously, it did – but because the heating has been switched off. It is still in the teens and for we lizards who like it in the 20s (mid, preferably) it’s just a bit too cold to be getting excited yet. But it is also the time of summer activity. On heading to fetch my bicycle after my now-habitually early dinner at 5pm I found the running track swarming with people. It looked like a Royal Parks funrun without the swans.
I’m getting a bit less shy about asking people what’s going on these days and they are usually sweet enough to stop and tell me. The first girl I accosted told me that it was the first and second years doing their exercise. I thought I must have misheard so I stopped another couple of girls further up the road as they clocked into a parking meter by the tennis courts.
It turns out that first and second years really do have to run 25 times a school year, logging the circuits they run on their student card so that their times are recorded. There was the standard mutual incomprehension as they explained the weirdness of the system and I struggled to get my head around it. They have to log their times to show what order they come in in but no prizes are involved.
Apparently they can do the runs at any time during the year but they all try to get it done in the spring term as the weather is more amenable and while they said April 1st was not an official date for running it was clearly the opening of the season. The barriers over the road from my dorm which went up last week and I had mistaken for a new bicycle lane are to protect them as they shuffle around wearing anything from jeans to full running gear and there are now stickers on the road to denote runners only.
The whole enforced exercise thing is quite alien to me although given my lack of motivation to get out and run myself I could do with someone punching my card.
Having said I’m not shy about asking what’s going on, I just bumped into this lot outside the canteen. Maybe it was the stance, the costumes or the number of them but I didn’t get close enough to find out what this was all about.

Don't mess with me, missy

Don’t mess with me, missy

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot In Here

  1. Looks to me like ‘Don’t breed like rabbits Day’. And if you do have that Love in the Springtime feeling, make sure there are more blues about.