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In a new adventure on all fronts I have ditched my first career and come back to China to resume studies I began in 1990 with my BA. It’s no news that China has changed immeasurably since then. But having set out with trepidation on so many levels I’m delighted to find people who are still chuffed that I can speak their language and who, from students to fruit sellers, want to know what I think of China.

This blog will hopefully shed some light on that, warts and all. I have to apologise in advance if it isn’t pretty to read. I mean, literally, that it doesn’t look good. I’m a bit of a luddite so the whole process of blogging is quite a challenge.

My first post didn’t really start how I have continued: I wanted to write about London as an end and a beginning and it came out like a short story. So that’s what it is…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog…

    • Sorry as mentioned am a total luddite. If anyone reading this is wordpress conversant and can help I’d be most grateful!

      • Give this a try to receive posting alerts:

        Click on the below link, if it does not launch then copy and paste it onto the Explorer address bar.


        Once it is downloaded return to the blog site. The RSS feed icon will appear on the right hand side of the Explorer address bar. Click on the RSS Feed icon for the options to subscribe.

        I hope this works.

        Good luck.

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